Presentations and Posters

Monday, May 6: Model Overview | Chemistry | Emissions & Surface Fluxes | Model Clinics | Posters
Tuesday, May 7: Aerosols | Chemistry | Chemistry-Ecosystem-Climate | Posters
Wednesday, May 8: Carbon Gases | Global Atmospheric Composition | Air Quality | Posters
Thursday, May 9: Air Quality | Model Clinics

Monday, May 6

Model overview and new developments (Chair: Christoph Keller, NASA/GMAO) Chemistry (Chair: Eloïse Marais, U. Leicester) Emissions and surface fluxes (Chair: Emily Fischer, CSU) GEOS-Chem Model Clinics Posters
  • Adaptive chemistry mechanisms for efficient numerical calculations in GEOS-Chem (Lu Shen, Harvard)
  • A CMake build system for GEOS-Chem (Liam Bindle, Dalhousie)
  • Machine learning emulator (Christoph Keller, NASA)
  • Coupling GEOS-Chem to CESM (Sebastian Eastham, MIT)
  • Validation and optimization of the RAS parameterization in GEOS-Chem (Tailong He, U. Toronto)
  • Effect of PBL mixing on air quality modeling during KORUS-AQ (Rokjin Park, Seoul National U.)
  • Furan oxidation mechanisms: How simple is too simple? How complex is too complex? (Benjamin Brown-Steiner, AER)
  • Evaluating sources and concentrations of reactive bromine in the Arctic using ground observations and GEOS-Chem (William Swanson, University of Alaska Fairbanks)
  • Comparison of GEOS-Chem and Hemispheric CMAQ predicted ozone and particulate matter (Barron Henderson, US EPA)
  • SatJ: A satellite-derived climatology of photolysis rates in the atmosphere (Jason Ducker, FSU)
  • Impacts of marine cloud brightening on atmospheric chemistry (Hannah Horowitz, U. Washington)
  • Global OH concentrations inferred from HCFC/HFCs (Jianxiong Sheng, MIT)
  • The impact of model resolution on ozone simulation (Kunna Li, U. Toronto)
  • Volatile organic compounds in fire smoke: How many matter? (Lu Hu, U. Montana)
  • The sources, transformations and health impacts of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (Jamie Kelly, MIT)
  • Improving simple parameterization of secondary organic aerosol (SOA): IEPOX-SOA and urban SOA (Duseong Jo, U. Colorado)
  • Isotopic constraints on heterogeneous chemistry of NOx in extreme urban haze (Yuk Chun Chan, U. Washington)
  • SOA formation from volatile chemical products in the US (Momei Qin, US EPA)
  • Supplementing the analysis of ground-based FTIR measurements at Toronto with GEOS-Chem (Shoma Yamanouchi, U. Toronto)
  • Tropospheric ozone over Southeast Asia (Xiaolin Wang, PKU)
  • WRF-Chem simulation of ozone and particulate matter in the Pearl River Delta region, China (Haoran Zhang, NUIST)
  • Recent decline of NOx emissions in China observed from space by OMPS NM (Nan Lin, Tsinghua)
  • Constraining NMVOCs emissions with satellite and aircraft observations during KORUS-AQ (Jinkyul Choi, U. Colorado)
  • Diagnosing spatial biases and uncertainties in global fire emissions inventories: Indonesia as regional case study (Tianjia (Tina) Liu, Harvard)
  • Evaluating ocean sources of carbonyl sulfide (OCS) through remote atmosphere observations (Luke Schiferl, LDEO/Columbia)
  • Modeling of soil NOx in GEOS-chem (Jun Wang, U. Iowa)
  • Updates to the reactive nitrogen dry deposition parameterization in GEOS-Chem (Brian Boys, Dalhousie)
  • Spatio-seasonal variations of atmospheric ammonia: comprehensive modelobservation comparison (Arshad Nair, SUNY-Albany)
  • Sub-grid ship emission of particle number concentrations: Parameterization and implication (Jingbo Mao, SUNY-Albany)
  • Source apportionment in GEOS-Chem (Carmen Lamancusa, U. Connecticut)
  • Representing pyrocumulonimbus events in GEOS-Chem (Kenneth Christian, NASA)
  • Fires in the Amazon Basin and their environmental impacts across South America (Eimy Bonilla, Harvard)
  • Health effects of air pollution embodied in international food trade (Yang Liu, Tsinghua)

Tuesday, May 7

Aerosols (Chair: Colette Heald, MIT) Chemistry (Chair: Barron Henderson, EPA) Chemistry-Ecosystem-Climate (Chair: Hong Liao, NUIST) Posters

Wednesday, May 8

Carbon Gases (Chair: Dylan Jones, U. Toronto) Global atmospheric composition (Chair: Daven Henze, U. Colorado Air Quality (Chair: Jintai Lin, PKU) Posters

Thursday, May 9

Air quality (Chair: Yuxuan Wang, U. Houston) Model Clinics