Tentative agenda

Monday, 14 August: Meeting and Model Overview | Emissions
Tuesday, 15 August: Models to Motivate Action | Particles Great and Small | Modelling to Inform Environmental Policy | Posters
Wednesday, 16 August: Tropospheric composition, part 1 | Tropospheric Composition, part 2

Monday 14 August

Meeting and Model Overview (Chair: Karn Vohra, UCL) Emissions (Chair: Matthew Rowlinson, York)

Tuesday 15 August

Models to Motivate Action (Chair: Alex Kurganskiy, Edinburgh) Particles Great and Small (Chair: Hansen Cao, York) Posters
  • Modeling biomass burning impacts on air quality in Canada (Samaneh Ashraf, UdeMP)
  • Spatio-temporal variability of atmospheric mercury over India by using ground-based observations and GEOS-Chem model simulations (M.Chakradhar Reddy, IIT-Madras)
  • Using GEOS-Chem for retrieval of vertical profiles of atmospheric composition over Central London (Eleanor Gershenson-Smith, UCL)
  • Exploring the impact of biogenic and pyrogenic emissions in South America with GEOS-Chem and satellite data (Susie Shihan Sun, Edinburgh)
  • Exploring marine boundary layer halogen chemistry using GEOS-Chem (Amy Lees, York)
  • Global simulation of tropospheric halogen multiphase chemistry (Hansen Cao, York)
  • Development of versatile Python software to retrieve tropospheric vertical profiles of NO2 and ozone from satellite observations (Gongda Lu, UCL)
  • The impact of diurnal variation in African wildfires on atmospheric chemistry (Haolin Wang, Sun Yat-sen U.)
  • Climate effect of biomass burning aerosol from key biomass burning regions (Shuaiyi Shi, Edinburgh)
Modelling to Inform Environmental Policy (Chair: Connor Barker, UCL)

Wednesday 16 August

Tropospheric composition (mostly ozone) part 1 (Chair: Susie Shihan Sun, Edinburgh) Tropospheric composition (mostly ozone) part 2 (Gongda Lu, UCL)