GEOS–Chem v9–02 Online User's Guide

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9. GEOS–Chem Reference

9.1 GEOS–Chem reference guides

GEOS–Chem employs the ProTeX automatic documentation system to create highly detailed reference guides (in both PDF and PostScript formats) from the comments in the source code documentation headers. You can build these reference guides by simply typing:

make doc

(See Chapter 3 for a complete list of Makefile options.)

Here are the current GEOS–Chem v9–02 reference guides in PDF format::

9.2 Acknowledgments and guidelines for offering credit

Development of the GEOS–Chem model and its adjoint is a grass-roots activity by individual scientists pursuing their own research interests and sharing their work for the benefit of all. Good functioning of the GEOS–Chem community and faster sharing of new model features is promoted by users offering co-authorship for recent developments.

9.2.1 Guidelines for offering credit

We invite you to read our web page: GEOS–Chem Credits and References. This page contains guidelines for giving appropriate credit to developers through co-authorship or citation.

9.2.2 GEOS–Chem code development history

Please refer to the Narrative Description of the GEOS–Chem Model. This page includes a description of the current standard version of GEOS–Chem to assist you in correctly citing relevant model components in your publications.

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