Page includes directions to venues, poster display details and same-day printing options, and suggested hotels.


Directions to major railway stations or bus stops within walking distance of UCL campus: Getting to UCL

Map wiith directions to GCE2 venues from main UCL campus entrance on Gower Street: GCE2 directions

Red arrows: Day 1 venue (North-West Wing Room G22)
Cyan arrows: Days 2-3 venue (Portico Building, Jeremy Bentham Room)
For G22, enter the main UCL campus gates on Gower Street opposite the impressive looking redbrick Cruciform Building. As you enter, the building on the left is the North-West Wing. The main building entrance is not accessible to the public, as it requires UCL card access. To access the GCE2 venue, turn left to walk along the outside of the North-West Wing building until you reach a glass door to enter the building on your left. Enter here and turn right, following signs to room G22.
For the Jeremy Bentham Room (JBR), head straight through the main UCL camps gates to reach the bottom of the Portico (Greek column style) building stairs, turn left to enter the building at the entrance indicated, turn right to reach the dome passing the main UCL library entrance on your left, then turn left to head up the stairs to the Jeremy Bentham Room. Alternately, turn right at the bottom of the stairs to reach the JBR in the opposite direction.
When finding the venue, it’s worth being aware that there is also a Gower Place.
If you need help finding anything, there are lots of friendly security personnel dressed in blue jackets to help you.


Poster boards can display either portrait or landscape A0 posters. Same-day poster printing services are available at King's Cross Station (~20 min walk from UCL campus) at Nevex Printing.


Book early! There are many hotels in London, but August is a very busy month, so these fill fast and become costly closer to the holiday period.

Details of relatively inexpensive and convenient options are included below. For additional options, consult sites such as booking.com.

Hotel Room Price (Single/Double) Breakfast Price Distance to Venue
City Sleeper at Royal National Hotel £145 / £170 £12-15 9 min walk
Hub by Premier Inn London Goodge Street hotel £101 / £110 £8-10 6 min walk
Hub by Premier Inn London King's Cross hotel £90 / £97 £8-10 24 min walk or 14 min train
London Euston hotel None / £103 £8-10 10 min walk
Harlingford Hotel (limited availability) £120 / £160 £5-10 12 min walk
John Adams Hall (university accommodation) £79 / £115 Self-catering 6 min walk
Radisson Blu Edwardian Kenilworth Hotel £185 / £209 £25 11 min walk